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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Galletta's Karting Club 2009 Vol 15a - 9/19/2009 Prof. SpeedMonkey Races Go-Kart

The preeminent Karting event in Central New York is coming. The 200-Lap Gallettas Klassic is in mid-September, and all local karters who are not weak cowards are trying to get in practice in order to qualify for the event. Even... a monkey!?

In the smallest feature race in years (only 5 karts, where we usually race anywhere between 8-16 on a weekly basis; only 25 laps, where we usually do 45-200), a primate-looking creature emerges from the woods next to the Gallettas Backyard Speedway and challenges the club for a race. "Give me your slowest kart that never wins!" said Speedmonkey, and he went out and won with it, putting it in victory lane for the first time in years!

However, it was Russell Hockey who dominated the entire race, breaking down with a broken drive wheel hub on the last 1/2 lap of the race. Going Apesh!t, Professor used Monkey-VooDoo to momentarily confuse Chris and Tim for the pass, Monkey-Hyperspeed to track down Russ, and Monkey-Laser-Eyes to break Russell's hub on the last lap! Professor took the lead and held off points leader Chris Stevens for the win!

September 19th, 2009 25-Lap Feature Finish:
1st. "Professor Speedmonkey" (Galletta's #1)
2nd. Christopher Stevens (Galletta's #8)
3rd. Timothy Galletta (Galletta's #7)
4th. Melissa Stevens (Stevens #19)
5th. Russ Hockey (Hockey #00; DNF)

I apologize, as usually we have two camera angles, 10-15 karts, and 45-200 laps, but we were caught with a rare Saturday show where only a few people showed.

Next race is our 14th Annual 200-Lap Galletta's Go-Karting Klassic race on October 3rd, 2009! ALL KARTERS WORTH ANYTHING WILL BE THERE! :) (Hopefully Speedmonkey won't show, otherwise we are all toast!)

More details, pictures, points, and DVD of this race (the full 1-2 hour shows - high quality, uncompressed - for only $5 each) check this webpage:

Or club's website with hundreds of races and dozens of videos here:

(C) Copyright 2009 Chris Stevens
Edited, Narrated, and Produced by Chris "ChrusherComix" Stevens ( )
Cameras by Rungnapha Stevens and Chris Stevens

Category: Comedy

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