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Monday, February 1, 2010

Greenhouse or Go-Karts? - Galletta's Kart Club 2009 Vol. 2b - Report by Zachary James

This was a great newsreel about our karting club at our 2nd race in 2009 done by NCC News reporter Zachary James Janiszewski. We put on a decent twin-30s show for him and he made a nice report as seen in this excellent footage. His full report is found here:

...and full details of the race he covered is found here:

It was refreshing to be covered in a positive manner because we had been banned from the Oswego Kartway - by a belligerent, tempersome, irrational grudge-holding track operator - before the season started, and it left all of us feeling very disrespected considering our groups considerable racing skills and the support we had given the track. But, regardless, we had existed over a decade before the other track did, and will continue to exist for many years to come, while they just keep on making enemies with other karters. Oh, well.

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